“To me, exploration is primary,” says Albert Paley. “New materials open up new possibilities.”

The Corning Museum of Glass is collaborating with Corning Incorporated to provide a new Specialty Glass Residency, and the first artist selected for this unique collaboration is American sculptor Albert Paley.

Paley, who is best known for his large-scale works in metal, has chosen to work with two Corning glasses. In August, he began exploring furnace-working and casting of Corning Code 7056, a borosilicate glass that was engineered to bond tightly to a metal alloy called Kovar. Corning 7056 is used industrially in special electronic circuit packages that need the durability of the metal, and the transparency of glass, with a perfect, air-tight seal between the two. Over the course of the year-long residency, Paley will also investigate high-purity fused silica (HPFS). HPFS can be aggressively shaped and joined with a torch, similar to how Paley works metal.

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Amsterdam-based design group Tjep crafts these magnificent sculptures from watch gears, ranging in size from 8x8cm to 70x70cm.

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You no longer have to be a scientist to understand the catastrophic impact of pollution its friend global warming. In California, we’re facing the greatest drought in recorded history; marine animals are choking on our collective waste amid mass plastic contamination in the ocean; in China last year, 16,000 pig carcasses were spotted floating down Huangpu River. Chinese-born, New York-based artist Cai GuoQiang reacts to global environmental catastrophes with his monumental exhibition, “The Ninth Wave,” currently on view atPower Station of Art, China’s first publicly-funded contemporary art museum in Shanghai. An interdisciplinary show filled with large-scale installations, ceramic works, drawings and even performance, “The Ninth Wave” examines the harrowing after-effects of rampant industrialization with finesse. Read more on Hi-Fructose.

blown glass Bohemian dome necklace

by Deenie Wallace of Jubilant Glass & Art

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Wineglass of Sweetmeat Cup with Scenes of Virgil and Febilla, Venice, late 15th century, Metropolitan Museum of Artimage

Glass Betrothal Goblet, Venice, late 15th century, The British Museumimage

Goblet of Turquoise Opaque Glass Decorated with Enamel and Gilding, Venice, late 15th century, The British Museumimage

Footed Glass with a Cavalcade of Young Men and Women, Venice (Murano), late 15th century, Toledo Museum of Art


Loretta Yang / Liuligongfang

Thousand Arms, Thousand Eyes



Fred Wilson


By Lucio Bubacco


The inspiring glass art of Lucio Bubacco, Venice.